What the Market Basket Employee Shut-Down Taught Us about What Matters Most

Lynette Silva, Culture Management

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Treat your employees right and they will return the favor ten-fold.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the unfolding saga of the Market Basket grocery store walkout. For those not in the know, non-unionized employees walked off the job or protested outside of stores in support of their beloved CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas (called ATD). Market Basket is a family-owned business of several dozen grocery stores across New England. But the family that owns it was fairly evenly divided between those in ATD’s camp and those in his cousin’s, Arthur S. Demoulas. Arthur S. owned 51% of the chain and, I think it’s fair to say, had an acrimonious relationship with his cousin, ATD, who owned the remainder. ATD served as CEO until mid-June, when he was fired by the board, led by cousin, Arthur S. That prompted the employee walk-out, demanding the return of ATD.

Yesterday, the employees won. After effectively shutting down operations for more than a month, ATD convinced the rest of family to sell him Market Basket outright, restoring him as CEO (eventually…there are still a few wrinkles to work out).

At its heart, this is three-fold story:

1. [...]

Compensation Cafe: 3 Reasons to Empower All Employees to Give Discretionary Rewards

Derek Irvine, Culture Management

Recognize This! — Empowering all employees to recognize others also empowers all employees to live your culture every day and appreciate others for doing the same.

Yesterday in Compensation Cafe, I riffed on a post published last week by Compensation Cafe Editor Ann Bares. In her post, “Discretion and Disempowerment,” Ann highlighted challenges of leaving [...]

Look Beyond Your High Potentials to Solve the “War for Talent”

Derek Irvine, Culture of Appreciation

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – People have the ability to consistently surprise you, but they must often be given that opportunity proactively.

Personnel Today recently reported on a survey conducted by KPMG’s Global HR Centre of Excellence. The survey asked “people and change practitioners” from across KPMG’s global member network about the new [...]

Why Employees Must Be Both Aligned and Engaged

Derek Irvine, Employee Engagement

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – A disconnect between alignment with strategic goals and engagement can lead to many negative consequences for performance and productivity.

I appreciate a good analogy, especially when it comes to terms that can be defined in multiple ways. Employee engagement and alignment are a good example. Here’s a brilliant analogy [...]

How to Punch Your Way to Improved Employee Morale

Andrea Gappmayer, Employee Motivation

by Andrea Gappmayer

Recognize This! – Paying attention to your team is one of the biggest, fastest morale boosters for employees.

Andy’s team was frustrated.  They had been working on a project for a client that was creating a lot of aggravation for them.  His team’s morale, engagement, and productivity were all suffering.

So [...]

Why “Quick to Criticize, Long to Praise” Fails

Derek Irvine, Employee Engagement

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – Constructive criticism and praise for work well done should both be given quickly, specifically and compassionately.

Seth Godin is one of my favorite “short form” bloggers. Generally, his posts offer pithy insight and advice in short, easily digested posts. Here’s a nugget from a recent such post:
“The [...]

Compensation Cafe: Metrics that Matter

Derek Irvine, Measuring Recognition & ROI

Recognize This! – “What gets measured gets managed” is true, but determining the correct metrics is the real trick.

We all know metrics matter. The real question is which metrics.

That’s the theme of my latest post on Compensation Cafe, in which I explore the metrics that matter from three points of view – the [...]

Who’s Responsible for Employee Engagement?

Traci Pesch, Employee Engagement

by Traci Pesch

Recognize This! – Engagement doesn’t belong to a department, role or function. It’s the equal responsibility of all of us.

I’ve been with Globoforce well over a decade now. In that time, I’ve seen first-hand the transition from “employee satisfaction” to “employee engagement.” In early days, we would often need to define [...]