3 Tips for Recruiting Alumni Employees

Derek Irvine, Employee Recruiting & Onboarding

Recognize This! – Sometimes, the best employee for the job is “the one that got away.”

Who are the top candidates in your recruiting pool? The obvious answer is people who know your industry and business, already have deep experience in the role, and are a culture fit. Some recruiters call these candidates “Purple Squirrels” – highly desirable, perfect in every way, and therefore very hard to find.

That’s what makes alumni employees (a term I prefer to the more standard “boomerang” employees) strong recruiting targets. A recent article in The Boston Globe points out why:
“The benefits for any company are clear: The costs of training and immersing a new hire—which can often be quite high for somebody entirely unfamiliar with a new company—are significantly cut down when somebody is already familiar with the company. Beyond that, companies also perceive ‘boomerangs’ as known quantities, taking some of the risk from hiring. There’s also a chance the employee picked up new skills since leaving that they could not have gained in their former position.”
Recruiting alumni has its own unique needs, however. Keep these three tips in mind when pursuing “the one that got away.”
1) Remind [...]

Would You Risk Your Job to Save Your CEO?

Lynette Silva, Culture Management

Recognize This! – Loyalty is earned, every day, in actions both big and small.

I’m based outside of Boston, Mass. Big news in these parts during the last week is the work stoppage by employees at Market Basket, a New England-wide, family-owned, grocery store chain with more than 70 stores, approximately 25,000 employees and annual [...]

What’s Your Word for Your Attitude about Your Work?

Derek Irvine, Employee Engagement

Recognize This! – Happiness at work is all about your chosen attitude.

If I asked you to describe your attitude towards your work in one word, what would it be? Setting aside for a moment your feelings for work, the English language admittedly makes this difficult. German, for example, is a fascinating language in that [...]

Observations from a SHRM First-Timer

Brenda Pohlman, Employee Engagement

Recognize This! – The sign of an engaged professional is continuing to experience and learn from “firsts.”

Life is full of firsts. First steps, first words, first love, first job and so on. Good stuff.

I happen to be having a few firsts of my own recently. As someone who’s been working in the HR [...]

The Secret to Effective Global Employee Recognition

Andrea Gappmayer, Culture of Appreciation

Recognize This! – There is no secret “list” for how all employees in all cultures in all countries and organizations around the world like to be recognized.

I’m excited to join the Recognize This! blog. My plan in the coming months is to let you in on all the secrets, like: Do people in Japan [...]

Happy Check! – An Instant Employee Engagement Benchmark

Traci Pesch, Culture of Appreciation

Recognize This! – In-the-moment knowledge of employee engagement levels can deliver tremendous dividends for project success.

Did you ever wish you could instantly and easily assess an employee’s engagement level at any time, any place around the world? What about having a readily available benchmark tool that’s universally understood and could be used by all? [...]

What I’ve Learned from Customers + Webinar July 22nd

Lynette Silva, Events & Webinars

Recognize This! – Some of the most valuable lessons learned come from our customers. Join a webinar July 22nd with InterContinental Hotel Groups to learn directly from them on the power of social recognition.

I’m honored to be a contributor on the Recognize This! blog, through which Derek has been providing insight, advice and [...]

New Look, New Contributors, New Resources

Derek Irvine, Uncategorized

Recognize This! – I work with smart, insightful and wise consultants every day. Now is my opportunity to share their expertise with you.

Today is an auspicious day for the Recognize This! blog. As online readers can easily see, we’ve completely overhauled the look and feel of the site (email readers, click through for the [...]

Compensation Cafe: 2 Research Reports on Proper Bonus Allocation & Use

Derek Irvine, Culture of Appreciation

Recognize This! – When and how to use bonus budget effectively can often be better determined through frequent, timely recognition and less reliance on bonus overall.

In my last two posts on Compensation Cafe, I shared two pieces of research – one from academia, one from the workplace.

First, in “Want More Innovation? Offer Lower-Value [...]