Compensation Cafe: Why Friends at Work Matter

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – “Friendships at work” is not a soft topic. It’s a driving factor in employee productivity, retention and wellness.

I couldn’t say everything I wanted to about the importance of friends at work in my post on this blog last week, so I continued the theme today on the Compensation Cafe blog. This latest post looks at several recent surveys (from LinkedIn, HRZone in the UK, and Globoforce) showing how friendships and deep relationships at work that drive key business factors – productivity, retention and wellness.

As I conclude on Compensation Cafe:
“Recognition, as a key component of Total Rewards, is a powerful, positive way of strengthening ties between employees. The Globoforce Fall 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker survey found 91% of us spend more than 30 hours a week with colleagues (vs. 52% who spend that much time with family). With that in mind, it’s no surprise 94% of employees say they like getting recognized by their peers for accomplishments at work. Few know what we do well better than those with whom we work most closely.”
Read the full post on Compensation Cafe, then tell me: How does your organization support friendships [...]

Compensation Cafe: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Is More Fluid than You Think

Recognize This! – Frequent, timely, and specific recognition and appreciation are integral to achieving personal, team, departmental and organizational goals in 2015.

Every new year brings about a time of reflection, especially on what we want, need and desire in the coming months. As a fan of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the terms “wants, needs [...]

Top 10 Recognize This! Posts for 2014

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – Reviewing the favorite posts of other readers may highlight a new favorite for you.

I’m gratified to see many of my favorite posts from 2014 on this list, which is compiled from the most-read posts of 2014.(Click through on the titles for the full post.)

Which are your favorites?

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