The Power of Thanks * 33Voices Interview

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! — Thanks and appreciation are powerful because the expression of thanks requires acknowledgement of the actions, achievements, behaviors and contributions of others.

One of my greatest professional pleasures in 2014 was collaborating again with Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley to write The Power of Thanks. Recently, I was honored to be asked to share more about the book with Moe Abdou, founder of 33Voices, a website dedicated to “a global conversation about things that matter in business and in life.”

Throughout the 30-minute conversation, Moe and I discussed why simple but heartfelt and sincere messages of thanks do carry such immense power – to the person receiving those thanks, of course, but also to the person giving them. Click through on the links below for more information:

33Voices Interview Summary
Interview Audio link
Slide Share summary of key discussion points

A few highlights from the interviews:

Money may get your team to show up to work, but it’s the psychological contract that will ignite the best in them. Remember that the most important of human needs is appreciation.
If you find yourself constantly talking about your culture, seeking to teach people [...]

Are You in Need of a Work-Life Reset?

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Work-life balance is a myth, but we can learn to blend work and life through purpose, positivity and possibilities.

Rounding out my book review posts for the author panel I’ll be leading at WorkHuman is Work-Life Reset, by Fawn Germer. When we think about what it really means to “WorkHuman” we must always include [...]

Trends in Employee Recognition: Culture-Oriented/Results-Driven

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! — Results-driven recognition programs that focus on deeply embedding recognition into the company culture have the greatest impact on employee engagement, motivation, satisfaction and retention.

WorldatWork released their latest”Trends in Employee Recognition” report this week. I shared key trends and insights on the report on Compensation Cafe today (click over for more).

To summarize, top [...]

Overcoming the “Overwhelm” – A Book Review and Encouragement in the Midst of “Busy”

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Trying to do more, better, faster actually leads to accomplishing less, at lower quality. Finding true balance between work, love and play makes us all more productive, happy, and healthy.

I can’t remember the last “business” book that made me ride a roller-coaster of emotion as I read, unable to put it down. That’s [...]

The Mark of a True Leader: Generosity

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! — Leaders always put the needs of others first, a true mark of generosity.

What makes a real leader? (And you aren’t a leader unless others are willing to follow you and create success together.) Real leaders are generous with everything at their disposal – time, wisdom, opportunity, money and, above all else, recognition and [...]

Latest SHRM Survey Supports Employee Need to “WorkHuman”

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – What makes us happy, satisfied and engaged at work? Deeper connections and relationships with colleagues and a stronger sense of meaningful work.

SHRM released its annual “Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report” yesterday. I wrote about it in more depth on Compensation Café today. (Click over to read more.)

The report is quite interesting. [...]

Why We Must Bring More Romance to Work

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Romance at work is about focusing not on the end goal, but the experience in getting there (and the people we get there with).

Today, I’m continuing my series of book reviews in preparation for the WorkHuman panel with the authors on “Unexpected Innovations: Changing How We Think about a Human Workplace.” (Be sure [...]