Finding Your Hidden Influencers Is Easier Than You Think

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Hidden influencers are the people that keep your organization running smoothly. Tapping into their strengths can deliver great benefits. Your social recognition program can find them.

What do I do? I don’t help companies implement employee recognition programs. I partner with company leaders to help them create or strengthen a culture of recognition and appreciation across the entire organization. Anyone who has undertaken culture change can attest that is a heavy burden. And it can’t be done by a project team alone.

You need on-the-ground influencers. You need local people who work in the cubicles, on the shop floor, and on the front lines. Without them, change initiatives fail.

Earlier this year, McKinsey published an article on “Tapping the Power of Your Hidden Influencers.” I highly recommend a full read of the article as it summarizes quite well the fundamental challenge of most change efforts – they are led by the wrong people.

Yes, you need executives visibly taking ownership of any change, explaining why the new approach is important to them and to the company. But then you need people at every level of the organization also communicating a very personal message of [...]

Work Friendships Increase Job Satisfaction and Productivity

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – Great benefit can be gained simply by encouraging employees to deepen relationships with each other through appreciation, gratitude and story sharing.

Following on my post yesterday about global employee research from the Boston Consulting Group showing that “appreciation for my work” is the most important job aspect for employees, [...]

Compensation Cafe: Promotions, Bonuses, Raises, Recognition – When They Work (and When They Don’t)

Recognize This! - You can’t give all employees promotions, bonuses, or raises. They become an expectation and it’s a very poor use of budget. Social recognition, however, can be applied to all.

My post this week on Compensation Cafe was triggered by it being “the season of giving.” Many companies distribute annual bonuses around the holidays, [...]