Don’t Forget This Important Utensil at Thanksgiving

Lynette Silva, Culture of Appreciation

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Writing down what we are most grateful for can increase our feeling of gratitude and appreciation.

Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday! It’s a day all about food, family and gratitude. There’s no commercialization of the holiday, the weather generally cooperates for a nice day (though not this year in New England), and all that good food tends to put people in a good mood, too.

But the thing I, well, appreciate about Thanksgiving most is the sharing of gratitude. We make it a point to say what we’re grateful for during or meal. The discussion can be far ranging as everyone gets an equal say, even the 5-year-old twin cousins. Some of what we’re grateful for are material things, but mostly we all express our gratitude for each other or others in our life who had a significant impact in the last year. Often, the sad is wrapped up with the joyous, but we are all lifted up by the sharing of gratitude.

I will admit to needing to jot down my “gratitude markers” as I wait my turn to share. Things shared by others often remind me of more things I’m grateful for [...]

Why Employee Engagement Matters in Healthcare

Derek Irvine, Employee Engagement

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – Engaged employees directly and powerfully impact customer satisfaction, which translates to patient health and safety in the healthcare industry.

Employee engagement is critical to customer satisfaction. This has been proven by study after study. And engagement is critical in any industry from retail to manufacturing to high-tech to pharmaceuticals. [...]

Want to Motivate Others? Understand Your EQ First

Lynette Silva, Employee Motivation

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Motivating others takes much more than a platitude hung on the wall.

Typically when I see articles titled “How to Motivate Employees” my back goes up a little. Motivation is complex and as much the responsibility of the person you’re trying to motivate as it is you own as [...]

Lapel Pins in an Age of “What’s a Lapel?”

Andrea Gappmayer, Reward Choice

by Andrea Gappmayer

Recognize This! – When thinking of employee rewards, at the forefront of your mind should be “What is rewarding to the employee?,” not “What have we always done?”

I had coffee with a group of friends last Sunday morning. One friend is a 25-year-old who works at one of the well-known Silicon [...]

Compensation Cafe: Give Your Employees the Benefit of Space

Derek Irvine, Employee Engagement

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – We spend more time at work than anywhere else (while awake). The space we work in can be a key contributor to engagement, enablement, and productivity.

Does your office have an open office plan? More importantly, does that kind of office workspace drive your desired goals?

Today on Compensation [...]

A Thanksgiving Tradition

globothisadmin, Culture of Appreciation

Guest Post by Don MacPherson

Recognize This! – The root of gratitude is noticing and appreciating how others help us achieve that for which we are grateful.

(Editor’s Note: In the spirit of recognition and gratitude, especially at this time of year, I wanted to “give the floor” to someone who shows us all – [...]

Finding Your Hidden Heroes – Listen to Their Peers

Lynette Silva, Culture of Appreciation

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Your “Steady Eddie” employees are the people who make it possible for your stars to shine. They deserve recognition and praise, too.

If Traci Pesch can blog about her beloved Cleveland Cavaliers, then I can about my own Boston Bruins. I moved to Boston more than 20 years ago [...]

Thank You for Your Service – A Lesson in the Power of Thanks From Our Military Service Members

Brenda Pohlman, Culture Management

by Brenda Pohlman

Recognize This! – When recognition and appreciation fully permeate your culture, astounding things can be accomplished, often in the worst of situations.

If you ever doubted the power of recognition, consider the military. I’d venture to say that perhaps no institution on the planet is better at recognition than our armed forces.


Want to Increase Employee Engagement? Communicate Meaning & Value of Work

Derek Irvine, Employee Engagement

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – Employee engagement is increasing in most factors, but we’re still falling short in recognizing employees and providing them with the tools to do the job well.

Last Friday, I shared information showing that increasing employee engagement is one of the best ways you can help secure corporate information. Today, [...]