School Pictures, Traditional Years of Service and Other Anachronisms

Traci Pesch, Years of Service Celebration

by Traci Pesch

Recognize This! – Celebrations should do what they promise and involve everyone with a story to share to “celebrate” the person being honored.

Last week was the first school picture day for my five-year-old son. Let’s just say he didn’t love the fancy shirt I picked out for him to wear to school that day. It was a battle getting him dressed that day, and I’m not entirely confident he didn’t just strip the shirt off the minute he was out of my sight.

The whole experience seems a bit anachronistic to me in today’s age of the Smartphone camera, selfies, and constant posting of kid pics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Annual school photos have been a gold mine for decades, though. Photographers have a captive audience, and it’s a requirement if you want your child to be included in the yearbook (and yes, we have them for elementary school). I think they know they’re an anachronism, though. They’ve tried to spruce up their offering by giving you a choice of six different backgrounds, photoshopping of blemishes, and imprinting your name and grade on the front. (And I will admit that is a vast improvement over [...]

Compensation Cafe: Global Employee Benefits

Derek Irvine, Uncategorized

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! — When employee benefits vary by country, benefits pros must ensure employees don’t play the “I wish I had that” game.

I have great admiration for the brilliant people who create and manage global employee benefits programs. These are quite complex and can vary greatly by country, which creates the [...]

Perseverance and Progress: Why Grit Matters at Work

Derek Irvine, Culture Management

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – Yes, we need smart people at work, but we need “gritty” people more.

When you hear words like “grit,” “determination” and “self-control,” what emotion does that conjure up in you? I’d be willing to guess that emotion wouldn’t be “positivity.”

And yet, the Positive Psychology Center at the University [...]

3 Lessons from the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces

Derek Irvine, Culture Management

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – Gratitude matters. No matter who good we are, there’s always room for growth and improvement.

Tomorrow, the Great Place to Work® Institute will release the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces 2014 (you can see the list of companies here, starting 23 October). China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work, [...]

5 Must-Haves for a Meaningful Message of Appreciation

Lynette Silva, Culture of Appreciation

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – We see good examples of recognition around us all the time. The trick is incorporating those lessons in how we recognize others.

What’s your top 5 favorite movie list? I won’t admit to all of mine (just yet), but one is definitely Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (I’m a huge Audrey [...]

A Culture of Appreciation Starts with You

Derek Irvine, Culture Management

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – Creating a “thank you” culture requires each of us to do good work and thank and appreciate others who do the same.

Tell me about your workplace environment. What’s the general attitude or “feel” of the office? Hopeful and energetic? Downtrodden and despondent? Somewhere in between?

What’s your personal [...]

3 Steps to “Kraft” Innovation in Your Organization

Lynette Silva, Culture of Appreciation

by Lynette Silva

Recognize This! – Creating a culture of innovation requires hiring innovative people, setting a tone for innovation, measuring innovative success, and recognizing progress along the way.

It’s beautiful Autumn here in New England. This weekend will be peak “leaf-peeping” season when our foliage will be the perfect blend of reds, oranges, yellows, [...]

Rally Your “Posse” for Success

Derek Irvine, Employee Engagement

by Derek Irvine

Recognize This! – We are all more successful as individuals when we commit to the success of our teams.

I’ve another good executive interview featured in the New York Times “Corner Office” column to share with you. This one is with Deborah Bial, president of the Posse Foundation, which “recruits and trains [...]