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As we all return to work, setting our summer holidays mindset aside, today is promotion day on Recognize This!

Upcoming Carnival of HR on Compensation Café

I have the honour and privilege of being a part of the Compensation Café blogging community. And now the Café is hosting its first Carnival of HR in a special edition dedicated to employee rewards on September 19th. The purpose of a Carnival post is to introduce readers to new blogs and bloggers around a specific topic by soliciting and publishing a “carnival” of links. We’re asking bloggers interested in being featured in our “Employee Rewards Carnival” to send in submissions by Monday, September 17th. Details are available at Compensation Café.

Webinar, September 18th: Wielding Company Culture as Competitive Advantage

You can proactively build a culture of innovation. Join Kaihan Krippendorff, author of Outthink the Competition, and Thad Peterson of Globoforce, for this webinar on how to design strategy and culture to reinforce one another and foster innovation. You’ll get several case studies as well as a proven method for “outthinking the competition.” (Register here.)

Webinar, September 26th: Winning the Talent War on the Home Front

I’ll be leading this webinar hosted by the Human Capital Institute (HCI), discussing how best to use strategic, social recognition and rewards to retain talent. I’ll be sharing top predictors of employee retention, the impact of financial and non-financial rewards on retention, and the direct correlation between recognition done right and increased employee retention. (Register here.)

London Workshop: How to Build Your Winning Culture of Recognition

I’ll be coming to London on October 10th to lead a hands-on, interactive workshop on how you can build your own winning culture of recognition. Registration will be open soon, so stay tuned.

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The VP of Client Strategy and Consulting at Globoforce, Derek Irvine is one of the world’s foremost experts on employee recognition and engagement, helping business leaders set a higher vision and ambition for their organizations. As a renowned speaker and co-author of "The Power of Thanks" and "Winning with a Culture of Recognition," he teaches companies how to use recognition to proactively manage company culture. Derek holds a B.Comm and Masters of Business Studies from the Smurfit Graduate Business School at University College Dublin.

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