The Mark of a True Leader: Generosity

by Derek Irvine

Compensation Cafe logoRecognize This! — Leaders always put the needs of others first, a true mark of generosity.

What makes a real leader? (And you aren’t a leader unless others are willing to follow you and create success together.) Real leaders are generous with everything at their disposal – time, wisdom, opportunity, money and, above all else, recognition and praise.

Today on the Compensation Cafe blog I shared this insight from Jack Welch, who is on tour promoting his newest book, The Real-Life MBA: Your No-BS Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team, and Growing Your Career.

In the post, I share this quote from Mr. Welch:

“To be a good leader for your employees, one needs to be rich with your praise, cheer them on, love to watch them grow and be excited about their success. You need to be happy to see them get promoted and pleased to give them raises. You need to love to give bonuses. Basically, you need what we call the generosity gene. It’s absolutely critical.”

I couldn’t agree more. Generosity means putting the needs of others ahead of your own, looking to their welfare and success ahead of your own.

Click over for the full post and tell me, what do you define as the mark of a true leader?

Derek Irvine

About Derek Irvine

The VP of Client Strategy and Consulting at Globoforce, Derek Irvine is one of the world’s foremost experts on employee recognition and engagement, helping business leaders set a higher vision and ambition for their organizations. As a renowned speaker and co-author of "The Power of Thanks" and "Winning with a Culture of Recognition," he teaches companies how to use recognition to proactively manage company culture. Derek holds a B.Comm and Masters of Business Studies from the Smurfit Graduate Business School at University College Dublin.

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