Derek Irvine

I am sure I have one of the best jobs in the world! I help companies win, by creating great cultures. Cultures that support and reinforce their strategies, cultures that ensure high performance, cultures that encourage recognition of effort, and that celebrate success. Such cultures are a win-win for employees and company alike. Employees thrive, feeling truly engaged, motivated, and working at their top performance, while the company wins by having aligned, focused and committed employees.

I am Executive Vice President, Client Strategy & Consulting Services, at Globoforce, the world’s only provider of truly global, strategic employee recognition and reward programs. Our management team blogs regularly on Globoforce news, products, customers, and industry insights at the Globoforce Blog, a site I encourage you to check out for the latest information in the rapidly innovating industry of employee recognition, rewards and incentives.

I’ve been with Globoforce more than a decade now, where I’ve had the pleasure of serving in many roles and being intimately involved in almost every aspect of our development as a company. But the greatest pleasure has been to see our clients win, become better places to work, achieve higher employee performance, and deliver on their strategy, all by creating a culture of recognition It’s been my honor to help these organizations – from the small to the Fortune 500 – I set a higher ambition for recognition by benchmarking, inspiring executive sponsorship, designing the strategy to win, and then rolling out the supporting communications and training. The end result – a consistent delivery of double-digit increases in employee engagement – in less than a year. Blowing our own trumpet here – think about that – double digit-increases in employee engagement in less than a year by creating a culture of employee recognition.

The simple act of employee recognition and appreciation – when deployed right – really can be that powerful. We all seek more from our daily work. We need to know that what we do matters in achieving a purpose larger than ourselves. What we call Strategic Recognition makes that not only possible, but also fun and engaging for employees at every level. Our CEO, Eric Mosley, and I recently wrote a book sharing that strategic recognition approach and how our clients have had dramatic successes with it. It’s a good read! Winning with a Culture of Recognition.

As a blogger, I take great joy in learning from fellow bloggers and influencers around the world and across the HR, leadership, and performance management spectrum. Through comments and conversations generated in the blog, I’ve learned even more from the people in the trenches every day – those of you with the courage to change your company cultures for the better by choosing a positive, appreciative attitude every day.

Finally for a bit of my pre-Globoforce history, I’ve had the opportunity to live in many, countries including Spain, France, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, UK and the USA, though I now split my time between Dublin, Ireland and Boston – the co-headquarters of Globoforce. I’ve worked with top-five management consultancy firm PA Consulting Group, advising clients in corporate strategy, performance improvement, marketing and corporate communications. I also worked in consumer marketing for many years on the world-class brands of Johnson & Johnson, Bushmills and Jameson Irish Whiskey. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Masters of International Business Studies from University College Dublin.