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The Power of Thanks

Cover of Power of Thanks BookI had the pleasure of co-authoring this book with Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley in which we look at why, if employee engagement is the great untapped resource in most organization, only 25% of employees are truly engaged.

The Power of Thanks reveals how leading companies such as Intuit, JetBlue Airways, InterContinental Hotels Groups (IHG), Symantec, ConAgra Foods, and The Hershey Company empower employees through social recognition, in which the practice of mutual appreciation and trust directs and rewards higher employee performance. The book details how building a fully engaged, energized workforce is a key to business success.

We describe why social recognition is so powerful and how it can be applied in companies across the world. The book presents case studies, proven research, and anecdotes that serve as clear, constructive examples of how a consistently executed culture of recognition business strategy inspires:

  • Greater employee engagement and loyalty
  • Stronger, more unified teams and departments
  • A creative, innovative company culture
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased profitability and organizational health

We’ve all seen the research. The majority of employees are disengaged and overworked. Companies are constantly searching for ways to build better cultures—the elixir for what ails our modern workforce. The answer, recognition, has always been there. We wrote this book to give companies a guidebook on how to incorporate social recognition and embrace a more effective, modern approach.

The Power of Thanks is available in hardcover and kindle editions on major retailers and here.

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