Recent Insights

Funding Strategic Recognition by Uncovering Hidden Spend

Nearly every company has some form of employee recognition and appreciation. As organizations grow, however, these efforts can mushroom and sprout up all over the company with little oversight or understanding from a corporate level. Well intentioned managers can even put the company at risk by purchasing small rewards for employees, and then expensing the cost of those rewards through expense reports. More significantly, companies can be spending hundreds of thousands to millions more on recognition than is accounted for.

This was true for this global publishing organization, which contracted with Globoforce strategists and consultants to uncover hidden spend on employee recognition practices and define areas for improvement. A detailed audit of recognition practices large and small found many programs that did not drive strategic initiatives or, worse, often resulted in unintended consequences. After completing an audit and benchmark analysis with Globoforce strategists and consultants, this company uncovered enough existing recognition spend to fund a truly global employee recognition program, yet remain budget neutral.

The Insight: You might think your recognition budget is small, but researching hidden recognition spend and you’ll be surprised how much budget you’ll find!


Showing the Bottom-line Value of Social Recognition with an Executive Business Case

In commercial banking, retention is traditionally a challenge with industry averages of less than year tenure in front-line teller positions. This organization knew its success relied on the customer experience, and tellers are the daily face of the company to many customers. Increasing engagement and retention among these employees is particularly critical. This business case emphasized the bottom-line value to the organization from reduced turnover (potentially millions of dollars a year) in addition to proven increases in operating margin from increasing employee engagement overall (potentially an additional hundreds of millions of dollars a year, straight to the bottom line).

The Insight: Executives often view employee recognition as a “soft-skills” HR initiative. To secure executive buy-in, it’s necessary to share the business case for bottom-line ROI.


Proving the Value of Engaged Employees for Food Safety and Quality

Employee engagement at a foods manufacturing organization is particularly important as safety and quality take on an advanced level of importance – especially when foods are supplied in markets on all 6 continents. This organization of nearly 350,000 employees turned to our strategists and consultants to delve into the research and help build a powerful business case for senior executives on the power of social recognition to reinforce desired behaviors in the daily work of employees across the globe.

The Insight: Sometimes you need what we call “momentum moments” to move a project along. These workshops are a powerful tool to create just that momentum!


Increasing Recognition Results at a Great Place to Work

Company leadership at this global large projects construction and engineering company had heard loud and clear from employees that a lack of recognition was impacting their motivation and engagement. To build the business case for strategic recognition, however, program proponents needed to more formally secure employee feedback. Globoforce strategists and consultants conducted surveys and led more than a dozen focus groups with employees around the world to define areas for improvement and draft a plan for success. Successful completion of the business case resulted in a new program to facilitate their culture of recognition, which in turn led to a 9 point improvement in recognition in the company’s Great Place to Work ranking.

The Insight: It can be easy to become complacent when employees already consider your workplace “great,” but there’s always more that can be done! Listen and rapidly respond to employee needs.


Strategy Planning through Executive Workshop Sessions

Ensuring all employees gets the message about the value of their contributions to achieving the overarching company mission is no easier in a communications company than in any other industry. This European telecommunications provider, however, was committed to helping all employees understand how their daily efforts, behaviors and results contributed to their own personal success as well as the success of their team, their clients and their company as a whole. A strategic workshop helped senior leaders define more fully their strategy for achieving this goal and metrics to measure achievement of those strategic goals.

The Insight: “Success” can be a moving target unless goals and metrics to measure success are outlined and understood from project beginning.


Taking Away the Pain of Employee Disengagement

This company is committed to not just improving daily life through effective pain management but also saving lives through their therapeutic pharmaceutical offerings. When drug discovery can take years, however, motivating employees requires much more than recognizing teams upon project completion. Recognizing progress along the way is a critical to keeping team members motivated and deeply engaged. This workshop helped company leaders define their ambitions for a recognition culture and strategies for achieving that culture in the short term while planning for decades to come.

The Insight: Diving more deeply into employee motivations helps leaders define needs for recognition and create a program designed to meet those needs  rapidly and for the long-term.


Energizing Employees to Achieve Greatness

This global oil and gas company helps drive energy independence for the countries in which it works. With more than 60,000 employees operating in offices, manufacturing facilities, ships, offshore drilling platforms and remote locations across the land, engaging every employee in a culture of recognition was vitally important to ensure safety, engagement and retention of highly skilled staff. To facilitate adoption of a culture of recognition, Globoforce strategists and consultants created a strong communications and training plan, targeting employees where and how they work every day. Within 6 months, more than half of employees had been recognized for living the company’s core values and achieving greatness together.

The Insight: All employees matter to the success of your organization. So, too, there shouldn’t be any second-class citizens when it comes to participation in social recognition.


Making Sure All Your Stars Are Able to Shine

This global power systems manufacturing company had a long standing relationship for recognition for employees, but employees in only 4 countries out of 175 around the world could fully participate in the desired recognition experience. Globoforce strategists and consultants helped guide new program design to facilitate a true culture of recognition across all locations and employees globally. Change management plans as employees transitioned from the old approach to the new included detailed online and offline communications campaigns and training to audiences of all employees, managers and HR business partners in 20 languages. After just six months, 68% of employees around the world had experienced the Power of Thanks. Today, communications and training continue to further support development of a global recognition culture.

The Insight: Moving from an old, accepted approach to employee recognition to a new, modern system requires thoughtful change management planning and execution.


Embedding Appreciation Deeply into Your Culture

Who better to understand the needs of employees for engagement and mission than a leading HR software systems firm? Globoforce strategists and consultants partnered closely with a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team from this global HR software systems company to design, implement, launch and sustain a powerful recognition program that reiterates and rejuvenates their culture based on their mission to bring streamlined talent management solutions to their own clients. Consulting services continue as this organization expands the reach of recognition globally.

The Insight: Make your company mission visible daily to all employees through recognition designed to spotlight that mission and your core values.


Feet on the Street – Key to Program Success

Our clients come to us from different starting points on their journey toward cultures of recognition – some with positive, entrenched cultural characteristics that make them predisposed to embracing this notion, and others not so much. There’s no doubt that organizations already primed for recognition make the change management effort that much easier. We recently helped this global foods manufacturing company leverage a tactic that proved to be the key to success for social recognition program adoption. The tactic can be easily replicated, even if your culture needs to be dragged kicking and screaming to a more appreciative and thankful position!

The change management difference was an already-in-place network of local ambassadors. This company took advantage of a global committee of a cross-section of employees to serve as champions for the new recognition initiative. We armed them with the tools to evangelize the new program and approach to recognition – talking points, well-designed meeting materials and loads of tips – and inspired them to build awareness and generate excitement using their own style and their own authentic passion for recognition. And boy, did the message resonate! Twenty percent of the company’s workforce recognized others within the first 10 days. What formal or informal networks or influential channels already exist in your work environment that can be leveraged for culture change?

The Insight: Your existing ambassadors and business partners across all of your locations can be your most powerful conveyors of your new culture and approach to employee recognition.


Using Success to Beget Success

We’re often asked by our clients about how to maintain momentum for a recognition initiative long after the immediate launch excitement and program newness has faded. There’s no magic answer. Considering that managing a consistent and robust effort to continually promote any employee-facing program is often a struggle for many of us, any promotion of a client’s recognition culture is a great endeavor. But if we had to pinpoint one tip that is universally effective it’s this – use your own program’s success to beget more success. Once an initiative is in place you have the advantage of real, live user experience and metrics to help promote the power of that initiative. Use it!

People like to be part of things that are successful. Show your employees just how successful your recognition program is by showcasing testimonials from award recipients and nominators, featuring fun stories about what people did with their awards and how their recognition experience made them feel. Combine these in promotional pieces with positive statics about program usage, such as numbers of awards given, most common reasons for employees to be recognized, and most active business units or departments. Use infographics to tell the story in a rich, easy-to-digest way. In our work with clients across industries, geographies and cultures, we’ve found that leveraging existing momentum makes your recognition effort feel like something important and positive – something that others will want to be part of.

The Insight: Social recognition gives you a tremendous amount of data to use to continually promote your powerful, positive culture. Be sure to use the information at your fingertips!