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Recognize This! Expanding to Work Human – Join Us in Our New Home

By Derek Irvine

subscribe to the Globoforce blogFor the last 10 years, my colleagues and I have shared with you research, insights, and lessons we’ve learned here on the Recognize This! blog. Over the years, you’ve shared with us your stories and experiences on the power of thanks, helping us and the broader community learn and grow as we worked to share the ROI and human impact of social recognition. We’ve cherished this platform and this experience with you.

Now, as the community has embraced the WorkHuman movement, I’m excited to announce we’re retiring Recognize This! to join the multi-contributor blogging community at the Globoforce blog where we share insights on social recognition, employee performance, diversity and inclusion, and the many ways we all contribute to making work more human.

A few of my favorite recent posts on the Globoforce Blog include:

All relevant content and history from Recognize This! has moved to the Globoforce Blog, so be sure to subscribe here and receive new posts 3-4 times a week. I hope you’ll join the community and share your knowledge with others who are committed to making work more human.

New Look, New Contributors, New Resources

by Derek Irvine

Sign saying "A Whole New World"Recognize This! – I work with smart, insightful and wise consultants every day. Now is my opportunity to share their expertise with you.

Today is an auspicious day for the Recognize This! blog. As online readers can easily see, we’ve completely overhauled the look and feel of the site (email readers, click through for the full experience).

The main change is I’m no longer alone on this blog. I’ve invited the senior strategists and consultants on my team to join me in sharing important insights, observations and learnings from across our industry and our clients. I’m excited to introduce you to these industry experts I have the pleasure working with every day. (Read their full bios.)

Traci Pesch has been a partner, compatriot and esteemed colleague for the entirety of her 12 year career with Globoforce. She’s been instrumental in the rapid growth of Globoforce having led program implementations for some of our largest and longest-standing clients, headed up product management, and became a founding member of our strategy and consulting services group.

Brenda Pohlman brings similarly lengthy experience in human resources consulting, with nearly two decades of experience across a wide range of HR practices including employee engagement, performance management, recognition, talent assessment and training.

Lynette Silva is our data junkie. She lives in the world of research, statistics, metrics and surveys from various sources including industry analysts, news, blogs, companies and clients. She’s expert at boiling this data into useful information to accelerate client programs and build strong business cases for the power of social recognition.

Andrea Gappmayer is the newest member of our team, bringing her own brand of wit and wisdom to our perspective on employee recognition, engagement, performance, and productivity. She’s deeply familiar with the needs and expectations of the C-suite and communicating powerfully to meet those expectations.

In addition to the new blogging talent, you can see new information on the site as well. In particular, I’d like to point out a few new resources for you:

Recent Insights will be our avenue to share with you short stories on learnings and observations from direct client projects with which we’ve been involved.

Fast Facts is a handy list of stats and quotes on recognition, engagement, retention and performance that may be helpful to you. We’ll be updating these periodically.

The Glossary may be useful to you since various organizations and research firms refer to the same terms often in different ways. This gives you perspective on what we mean when we say “employee engagement” vs. “employee satisfaction” or “recognition” vs. “rewards” vs. “incentives.”

My goal with these changes and additions is to continue to make Recognize This! a useful service to you. I welcome your feedback on the design, content and any additional resources you’d find helpful. Join the conversation in comments!