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If you enjoy my blog and share in my belief that creating a culture of recognition can transform organizations into workplaces where employees want to engage, I’d like to work with you.

Insight Consulting ServicesInsight Consulting Services

My team and I regularly engage with senior executives and HR leaders seeking to create a culture of recognition and appreciation in their organizations. Successfully launching and sustaining a Strategic Recognition™ program requires not only thoughtful program implementation, but also management of the behavior change process necessary for true culture transformation in an organization. I and the recognition strategists on my team guide executives, managers, employees and technical teams through this change management process to achieve their goals for strategic recognition, measure program success, and increase employee engagement. You choose the Insight elements you need. We help you succeed in creating a corporate culture of recognition.

  • Benchmark & Audit Existing Recognition, Reward and Incentives Programs
    • Understand your current investment in disparate recognition initiatives operating across departments, plants and countries.
    • Analyze the effectiveness, adoption and relevance of those initiatives in achieving company goals.
    • Benchmark findings against low-, mid-, and high-performing organizations, offering clear understanding of current state and the path to success. Globoforce has the largest database of recognition benchmark data in the industry.
    • Avoid risk, gain corporate governance, achieve significant cost savings, and create a roadmap for strategic employee recognition.
  • Building Your Winning Culture of Recognition™ Workshop
    • Lay the groundwork for an employee recognition, reward and incentives program that results in engaged employees. Focus employees on living your company values to deliver your strategic objectives.
    • Learn the practical steps to achieve maximum results from a strategic recognition program.
    • Leave the session with an action list to take your recognition project from start through successful launch and organizational culture change.
  • Build the Business Case for Strategic Recognition and Rewards
    • Partner with Globoforce recognition strategists to build a strong business case for corporate recognition awards that deliver measurable results.
    • Receive a detailed business case document and presentation, including cost analysis and ROI expectations.
    • Establish initial outlines for program design, implementation, communications, training, measurement.
  • Program Communications to Generate Excitement & Understanding
    • Gain the input, buy-in and operational support of your internal communications and development teams.
    • Clearly communicate the value of recognition to key internal audiences.
    • Create multiple communication mechanisms to help managers and employees understand your philosophy of recognition, the importance of corporate recognition awards, and the associated program launch plan.
  • Program Training for Rapid Adoption
    • Generate and sustain excitement and engagement among program participants.
    • Help leadership understand the critical need for recognition and define appropriate measures of success.
    • Choose training options appropriate for you: on-site facilitated training, on-demand on-line training, and detailed program manuals.


I also regularly speak at industry trade shows. A list of upcoming event sessions and webinars is available here.